Martin Tamkin, Ph.D.

Life Coaching Services

A coach is there by your side to encourage your growth and confidence so that you can take actionable steps towards creating the life you want. You might seek the support of a coach if you’re feeling stuck, motivated for change but not sure how to move forward, seeking greater fulfillment or purpose, or want to build your confidence. I offer guidance with life fulfillment, navigating though change, getting “unstuck,” career transitions and development, leadership skills, designing and creating intentional and purpose-driven careers, relationships, and lifestyles.


Your relationships and interactions with people in your life whether in your home, community, work or play has a significant impact on the quality of your life. Being out of sorts in your relationships can leave you feeling out of sorts with yourself. Coaching can help clarify what it is you want and need from your relationships. It can help you define the steps, thoughts and behaviors that allow you to truly connect with those most important to you.

Work/Life Balance

Many are in search of this “balance.” What’s interesting and challenging about this desired goal is that life is dynamic and ever in motion, therefore, “balance” is a fluid state. Through coaching, you learn that being in a constant state of moving toward or away from balance requires consistent and conscious awareness. It requires being nimble to what happens in life and making adjustments to find your new balance. Ultimately it is about making choices, saying ‘yes’ to some things, ‘no’ to others. Coaching this area will help you gain clarity, let go, and define your priorities in order to choose and connect to what’s most important right now.


Connecting to purpose gives meaning to your life. Connecting to your passion adds a richness and depth that leaves you feeling fully alive. It allows you to live your best life. Whether just out of college, recently laid off from a job, or having experienced a life event that creates a yearning for “more” in terms of how you spend your time and energy, aligning with purpose and participating in your passion can bring fullness to your life. Through a process of inquiry we coach clients through discovery processes that help them identify what could be next for them, identify assumptions, discern pros and cons and reach out to others who are living authentically. We help them define what a life of purpose and passion looks and feels like to them.

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90 Minute Video or Audio Call

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Coaching is a solution-based process. The major difference between therapy and life coaching is the focus of the work: therapy focuses on mental health and emotional healing, while life coaching focuses on setting and achieving goals. These include:

New options to gain clarity and new perspectives you may not have considered before.

Ways to expedite achieving your goals.
how to live from your highest expression of yourself.

I am trained to listen, observe, and ask questions to help you discover your own answers. Clients who have been helped by coaching include:

Couples planning to marry who want to establish how they will handle finances, child rearing and other issues during their marriage.

Those in the “sandwich” generation struggling to help their aging parents while raising their own children.

Individuals who want to improve communication and connections in the workplace.

Parents who want to learn how to respond vs. react to their teen’s behavior and still stay connected.

Divorcing parents who want to learn strategies for effective co-parenting.

I offer coaching over the phone or use Zoom, both are equally effective. Whether over the phone or on Zoom, my coaching format is designed to guide you through with useful questioning and support, resulting in greater awareness and increased possibility of making the changes and shifts that you desire in your life.

Every session is completely confidential. I create a safe space for you so that you can make the challenging changes necessary to lead a fulfilling life.

It varies by client and the situation. My goal is to provide you with tools and resources and then empower you – through practice, awareness, observation, feedback and accountability – to apply those tools and resources to your life and relationships through “self-coaching.” I find that the most effective solutions require a client commitment of at least three months. Many come back on an as-needed basis.
I do not offer any refunds for services that have already been delivered.

If you have paid in advance and cancelled your service at least 24 hours in advance, please contact us by email or phone and we will provide a full refund.

For cancellations within less than 24 hours from the scheduled service, a 30% late cancellation fee will be billed or deducted from your refund if you have already paid.

All payments are charged after each of your coaching sessions. All payments are charged to credit cards through Stripe. A credit card number can be kept on file